The Highly Sensitive Person


Fifteen to twenty percent of people have a brain that is different than that of the majority. They are Highly Sensitive People, or HSP’s.  Dr. Elaine N. Aron who coined the term, and whose work has informed mine, has researched, documented and validated this difference as a difference of hardware, a neural trait some people are born with.

HSP’s are people whose brains pick up extraordinary amounts of stimuli.  Their filter is much finer than that of other brains, making them like satellite dishes that “catch” all stimulation.  They are capable of extremely nuanced thinking and responsiveness. They also seem to feel more deeply, and retain sensations, thoughts and emotions for longer periods of time.

This makes them vulnerable to feeling hurt as well as getting overwhelmed quite easily.  Thus their world feels out of control quite often. HSP’s also find their comfort zone to be quite specific, and become overwhelmed when this is crossed. Because these ways of being create continuous vulnerability unless managed, most HSP’s believe there is something deeply wrong or flawed about them.

An HSP myself, I have worked for over 25 years with other HSP’s, many of whom found clarity and self acceptance for the first time within the context of such work. Motherhood for HSP’s is always overwhelming until they learn how to manage and then maximize their trait. Children are unpredictable and highly stimulating, and the work of Motherhood does not fit into specific comfort zones of the mother.

I look forward to sharing your journey.