Dr. Malik is a sought after speaker on the many aspects of Motherhood.  Most recently, she addressed over 1000 women leaders in Rome as the keynote panel speaker at a global businesswomen’s conference (W.I.N. conference 2011).  Her life work has been to study, understand and design solutions for mothers who desire dignity and respect for their work of Motherhood.

Dr. Malik speaks with women about how Motherhood defines a woman’s perception of herself, and how a mother is affected by the value of her work in the eyes of the world she inhabits.

She speaks to facilitate a profound shift in the manner in which women view their experience as mothers, and how they present this integral part of their life’s work to a world that ascribes low value to motherhood. Dr. Malik believes that constant fatigue, anxiety, depression, worry and mood swings in a mother are a result of the invisibility and minimization of her work as a mother, and the lack of support in her community and society for this work.

Dr. Malik delivers Keynote Plenary to 1000 women business
leaders in Rome. W.I.N. Conference, 2011.