In every life there is a core guiding and grounding force, to which that life must return to again and again. Mine is the capacity to access strength; my own as well as the strengths of others.

I come to this awareness gradually. My initial training as a psychologist began in India, where I was born and lived for 25 years.  I moved to this country when I was twenty five, and have lived in the Boston area ever since. Fusing together the learnings from this country with the wisdom of a very ancient culture has been the mantra of my life.

I became sensitized to the richness and the complexity of a mother’s life from an early age. India is a culture where community is strong, and this exposed me to extremely diverse women on a daily basis.  I grew up with a woman as the Prime Minister of the country, with women who stayed home full time like my mother, and with women who were serious career women like my mother-in-law. For every single one of them, their children were their most important source of love.

My biggest school of learning has been the “seeing” of how hard a mother must work to be true to her heart. This began with observing my own mother, and generalized to every woman I meet.   It’s about the real work of caring; work that is mostly invisible.  It was initially confusing to see this work judged as “less than” publicly visible work, and it’s stresses labeled as psychological symptoms.

Ultimately, this public silence about a mother’s work led me to push aside received wisdom and create a new lens. I learned to create a framework for a mother’s work that focused on her contributions and her strength and resilience. New developments in psychology enabled this framework: I owe much to the outstanding scholarship of thoughtful women. My deep grounding in Eastern thought and practices has provided my growth with a base that is rock steady. I have been a meditator for over forty years.

I believe I have gained much more than I have given, and that is the joy of this work. Being the coach who helps a woman live her fully as a strong woman has become my way of life. Along the way I have learned just how strong love can be. I believe there is no stronger force in the world.