Motherhood and Sons


When a mother decides to lead with her feminine strengths, she raises a strong, resilient son who will learn to thrive in relationships rather then seek power without connection.   She will become the teacher who will live inside her son, rather than the mother he must get away from.

Helping a son negotiate the requirements of becoming a “man” is a challenging task in this culture. Mothers must push back on the culture’s pressure on sons to devalue emotions and connections, in the quest for becoming “real” men. Often, mothers have no option but to acquiesce, even when they see their sons becoming actively disconnected. This can be heartbreaking, and is unnecessary.

Raising my son to thrive in his capacity for empathy and connection has been quite a journey. It has required learning how to assert the power of love, and to require a response, while still maintaining the integrity and respect of a young man who must succeed within the world of men.  It has been deeply challenging and yet, completely fulfilling, the way soul journeys are supposed to be.  My adult son’s trust in me, and his commitment to connections, has become a beacon of hope and love in my life.