Motherhood and Parenting

I believe there is a difference between ‘Parenting’ and ‘Motherhood.’ Parenting is an ongoing task that benefits from new knowledge and coaching. Motherhood is also ongoing, but it is a journey rather than a task or set of tasks. Motherhood is about the mother’s experience while parenting.

This aspect of my work is dedicated to helping a mother parent. It is flabbergasting how much a mother is expected to know about how to raise children, and how much she does pull off.  Again and again, mothers invent and reinvent everyday situations, adapting and shaping the world to interact with their child kindly and gently.

Along the way, there can be many phases when a mother wishes she knew “just what to do.”  In such situations, I am honored to brainstorm with her, pass along research based knowledge about how behaviors form and can be changed, and support her as she navigates what’s best for her children.

Parenting has been my most challenging job, and I have had to unlearn much of what I thought I knew. It has been very rewarding; somewhere along the way, I learned how to be a much more patient and compassionate woman. I am deeply humbled and grateful.