Mind Body Wellness


Bodies can “speak,” and do, with physical symptoms ranging from headaches and fatigue to chronic stress related disorders. The mind can go numb, and does, with anxiety, worry, depression, and other symptoms that express deeper imbalances.  Any distress in one (body or mind) affects the other.

Today the science behind Mind Body Medicine is conclusive that there is constant communication between the mind and the body neurologically and chemically.  We are a body-mind, and treating one apart from the other is likely to lead to treatment failures.

Love is an overarching reality of human existence, and the most ancient counter to stress, fear and anger.  For a mother, mind-body imbalances can express in subtle, pervasive ways, from low energy to cancer.  When blockages and challenges occur in a mother’s journey of caring for her children and family, her own emotional expression and self-compassion become compromised. Such blockages are real stressors, affecting her physical as well as mental health, but they routinely escape notice.

Relaxing into the full flow of our own whole health is an enlightened and compassionate existence. But it requires an intentional, ongoing, supported connection with one’s life journey, rather than just symptom focused interventions.   While a whole assortment of tools exist that ease the way, there is no substitute for accessing your own mind-body-soul connection in a rational, conscious manner.

I have had the good fortune to be a meditator since the age of nineteen.  My early upbringing and education in India was organically grounded in a wholistic, Eastern view of health and the human condition.  This inherent way of ‘being’ has fit seamlessly with my education in this country as a clinical psychologist in the science of Mind Body medicine.

I work with all aspects of this approach, including meditative techniques, relaxation based interventions, breath work, guided imagery, visualization, cognitive behavior therapy for physical as well as psychological symptoms, hypnotic relaxation and imagery, yoga, including yogic breathing techniques, nutrition, and exercise.

Most importantly perhaps, I see no difference between who I am and what I offer to my clients. Mind Body Wellness is my way of life.