Dr. Malik is a Senior Clinical Psychologist licensed in Massachusetts, with over twenty-eight years of clinical experience.  She specializes in Motherhood, and maintains offices in Wellesley and Norfolk, Massachusetts.  Addtionally, she is a published author, a sought after speaker, skilled at designing workshops, and gives back to society through workshops and affiliations with non-profit organizations.

Her education and training include Fellow, Harvard Medical School at Cambridge Hospital, Ed.M at The Harvard Graduate School of Education, and Doctorate at The Massachusetts School of Psychology. She obtained her undergraduate and one of her two master’s degrees at Delhi University, India.

In addition to her clinical work, Dr. Malik is a sought after speaker on the many aspects of Motherhood. Most recently, she was the keynote panel speaker for over one thousand women business leaders at a conference in Rome (W.I.N. International).

Dr. Malik is also a published author on Motherhood. The American Psychological Association has published her work on motherhood and marriage.

She is an inspiring workshop leader. Her workshops include aspects of Journaling for therapeutic benefit, topics related to Motherhood, and topics on meditative relaxation and mind-body healing.

Giving back to society has been a priority in a full life that includes being the mother of two children. Dr. Malik is a much respected community worker, leading pro bono work shops for community centers such as Public Libraries, the YMCA, and The Center at Westwoods. Her pro bono work extends to organizations that support women, such as Saheli, the oldest such Indian American organization in Massachusetts. She is also a pro bono provider of services to writer-mothers, in her capacity as consultant to AROHO (A Room of Her Own), a non-profit dedicated to supporting women writers.

Dr. Malik’s projects include working with mothers who are working full time as mothers, mothers in high profile situations, mothers who are depleted and at risk, and mothers who have special challenges such as children with special physical and emotional needs. She excels in being presented with new situations where her skills might be adapted to improve the quality of life for mothers and their families