Love takes many forms, and a mother experiences most of them. This practice is founded on the principle that a mother’s work is worthy of respect. I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, and have an Eastern, mind-body-soul approach to the work of Motherhood. I consider it a profound life journey.

A mother’s organic response to her life takes many turns, and her story is not straightforward and easy to describe. I believe it is possible to grow continuously and deeply from Motherhood, regardless of challenges.

It is normal to get overwhelmed, or feel worry, anxiety, fatigue, anger, guilt, self-blame or depression.  These thoughts and emotions are the results of a deep commitment to love.  Parenting is full of insecurity and mistakes. Learning and growing from them is the bedrock of wisdom.

I consider it my privilege to work with mothers, and bring an Eastern, calm world-view to the work.  Psychotherapy is itself a journey. It can be used for many purposes: I excel in creating a framework where your work as a mother is put in the center.  I believe I do this equally well for women who choose to make Motherhood their main work as well as for women who do other work in addition to their work as a mother. I view myself as a thoughtful person to talk with, to get help from, and to turn to in your life.

I use Relational psychotherapy, Mind-Body approaches, as well as Journaling approaches if appropriate. The Mind Body approaches include meditational techniques, breath-work, Eastern breathing techniques, relaxation based approaches, guided imagery, visualization, self-hypnosis, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Consultation and coaching formats are also available.

Further information is provided in the following pages. I hope it is helpful.  Thank you for visiting my site.