Love takes many forms, and a mother experiences most of them. This practice is founded on the principle that a mother’s work is worthy of respect. I believe that a mother’s emotional well-being cannot be addressed without a full understanding of her work and life as a mother.

I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, and have an Eastern, mind-body-soul approach to the work of Motherhood. I consider it a profound life journey.

Love, and indeed emotion itself, is not well understood in this culture.  Emotions are a source of valuable information about what we are facing in the moment. Over time, this is a necessary knowledge to acquire. But a fear of emotion prohibits us from having access to this huge part of our own mind/body/soul health. We fear losing control, and we fear the unknown.

Additionally however, this particular fear of emotion is grounded in a largely (but by no means only) male discomfort with vulnerability, and a corresponding lack of skills to deal with vulnerability.  And so, we have come to fear our own mind/body/soul when it speaks to us in real, completely authentic ways.  We fear we are “weak.”

This defensive, fear-based definition of emotion as a “weakness” has come to define what is normal: a mind/body/soul split off from its own heart. We live in a culture where fear of emotion has pitted reason and rationality against emotions and love.

The impact of this splitting of our wholeness (mind OR body, reason OR emotion, science OR spirituality) has robbed us in heinous, often sorrowful  ways. Most importantly for a culture’s values, a mother’s precious work of love in raising the next generation lacks the honor, validation and respect it deserves.

Like all work that is imperative, purposeful and demanding, the work of a mother takes a toll on her physical and emotional health.  Our work of motherhood is constant, it is full of uncertainty, and it requires us to be responsible for the “results.”  But there is no corresponding awareness of what we need in order to do this work. How many of us even know that this is real work?  We go on, with inadequate support, for most of our lives. Who would not get overwhelmed when working in this way, under such lonely conditions?

The foundation of my practice rests upon respect for the work of motherhood. I believe it is possible to stare down the culture, as well as our own internalizations about what is normal, what is strength, and what is “weakness.”  I believe that a mother’s love for her child can be the source of a powerful, ongoing core strength.

It is normal to get overwhelmed, or feel worry, anxiety, fatigue, anger, guilt, self-blame or depression.  These thoughts and emotions are the results of a deep commitment to love.  Learning and growing from them is the bedrock of wisdom.

Motherhood is the gateway into a consciousness that is genuinely open and receptive to growth. Mother’s are required to tolerate much, learn even more, and constantly adapt: when these skills are adequately nurtured they melt us down to our very core, and adorn us with a power that is almost indescribable.

It has been my privilege to work with mothers for decades. I excel in creating a framework where your work as a mother is put in the center of your daily demands.  A calm, Eastern world-view allows for safety, exploration and joy.  I view myself as a thoughtful person to talk with, to get help from, and to turn to in your life.

As a life long meditator, I use Mind-Body approaches, Relational approaches, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Meditation, and  Journaling approaches when appropriate. The Mind Body approaches include meditational techniques, breath-work, Eastern breathing techniques, relaxation based approaches, guided imagery, visualization, and self-hypnosis.

Consultation and coaching formats are also available.

I hope you have found this page helpful. Further information about the details of what you can expect is provided in the following pages.  Thank you for visiting my site.