Love takes many forms, and a mother experiences most of them. This practice is founded on the principle that a mother’s work is worthy of respect. I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, and have an Eastern, mind-body-soul approach to the work of Motherhood. I consider it a profound life journey.

Love, and indeed emotion itself, is not well understood in this culture.  This is founded upon fear; the fear of losing control.  Fears, all fears, must be faced.  Additionally however, this particular fear of emotion is grounded upon a philosophy of male discomfort with vulnerability, and a corresponding lack of skills to deal with vulnerability.  This largely defensive, fear based philosophy has come to define what is normal, and has pitted reason and rationality against emotions and love.

The impact of this splitting of our wholeness (mind AND body, reason AND emotion) has robbed us in heinous, often sorrowful  ways.  Most importantly for a culture’s values, a mother’s precious work in raising the next generation lacks the honor, validation and respect it deserves. Therefore, what should be a profound life journey in the life of a woman is reduced to insecurities, fear of being a bad mother, and emotional costs that can be deeply wounding.

I believe it is possible to counter this lack in our culture.  The foundational base of this practice rests upon respect for the work of love, and the fact that a  mother’s organic response to her life takes many complex turns. Her story is not straightforward and easy to describe. I believe that it is this very fact, the deep texture and richness of a life based upon love, that makes it possible for a mother to grow continuously from Motherhood.

It is normal to get overwhelmed, or feel worry, anxiety, fatigue, anger, guilt, self-blame or depression.  These thoughts and emotions are the results of a deep commitment to love.  Parenting is full of insecurity and mistakes. Learning and growing from them is the bedrock of wisdom. Motherhood is the gateway into a consciousness that is genuinely open and receptive to growth.

I consider it my privilege to work with mothers, and bring an Eastern, calm world-view to the work.  Psychotherapy is itself a journey. It can be used for many purposes: I excel in creating a framework where your work as a mother is put in the center.  I believe I do this equally well for women who choose to make Motherhood their main work as well as for women who do other work in addition to their work as a mother. I view myself as a thoughtful person to talk with, to get help from, and to turn to in your life.

I use Relational psychotherapy, Mind-Body approaches, as well as Journaling approaches if appropriate. The Mind Body approaches include meditational techniques, breath-work, Eastern breathing techniques, relaxation based approaches, guided imagery, visualization, self-hypnosis, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Consultation and coaching formats are also available.

Further information is provided in the following pages. I hope it is helpful.  Thank you for visiting my site.